Tales of the Borderlands

The Beginning

Our tale begins on a cloudy and windswept night, Four travelers endure the storm and march towards their own chosen path unaware that fate has other plans for them. Each of the travelers converge on a crossroads. A youthful looking eladrin dressed in leather armor calls out to the other two travelers unaware a fourth is following him from behind.

“Hail, Good sirs” Mindartis called out to the others. “To where are you headed?”

“We are headed where ever the wind blows.” replied the strange wood-like creature known only as Greenheart. “But there is a storm rising, we think finding shelter would be good.”

In the distance a short tower weathered by years stands on the other side of a small river and a bridge. The clouds quickly gather into a storm, rain beginning its torrential downpour. The other traveler yells out to the others.

“Quick into the tree line, we can set up shelter there!” The older rugged man, Kravos, yelled out to the others. The tree like creature nodded in agreement as they made their way to the trees.

“Yes, lets head into the wood, we think this is a good idea.” Greenheart said in a very hollow yet gruff voice.

Mindartis shook his head wondering how they were better in the woods. “Strength in numbers, I suppose. I shall follow you fellows. You seem able bodied” He paused a moment moving a branch or two out of his way. “What brings you out to the roads this day?” He finished quizzically looking at his new companions.

“The wind. It told us to go this way.” Greenheart replied seeming more at home in the woods than on the road.

Kravos looked down at the ground in silent contemplation before responding. “I’m looking for someone.” In the distance the fourth traveler an average sized female halfling silently creeps along keeping her distance from their light.

Kravos begins to pull his bedroll out to keep the ever increasing rain fall off of him. A cold wind begins to whip sleet at the travelers tearing at their cloaks. The moon hides behind the hazy gray clouds and sleet. The sound of baying wolves permeates the air from other parts of the small wooded areas. Against the dusky sky a the shadow of a lone tower stands out. A lantern hangs in one of the windows and sways slightly seeming to offer hospitality and safety against the storm.

“On second thought, That tower seems more inviting.” noted Kravos as he gathers his bedroll back in to his pack.

“I vote for the Tower.” echoed Mindartis looking slightly uncomfortable in the unknown of the woods. “then we are agreed!” He finished as they quickly leave from the small wooded area they walked into and pulls his great-spear from its sling on his shoulder using it as a walking stick.

“Yes lets go” Greenheart creaked as he continued to follow these travelers.

The female halfling still keeping her distance follows the small group staying in the dark to be cautious. Unknown to any of the travelers several wolves had taken notice of them, believing them to be easy prey the starving wolf pack begins it decent upon the unsuspecting travelers. The group quickly heads for the tower as they get close the lantern swinging in the window ahead reflects off several sets of eyes in the forest around them. Low growling can be heard as the hungry wolf pack emerges from behind the gray tree trunks and charge towards the travelers.

“Bah! Fiendish creatures!” Mindartis exclaimed noticing the wolves before the others had. “They shall take my spear!” Stepping back a few feet the eladrin grabs his winged spear from its sheath utters a small incantation causing glowing runes to cover the weapon. “Cursed creatures! You won’t be so keen on my flesh once you know how keen my spearhead is!”

“Wolves! Ready to Arms!” Kravos cried out to the others readying his kopesh and shield.

Mindartis hurls the rune laden spear at one of the wolves. The wolf agilely dodges the thrown spear avoiding his attack. The spear seems to dissipate along with the magical runes then appearing in the his hands again.

“I hope you fellows are ready for a fight! Either I’m rustier than a Wizard’s Sword or these wolves are tough stuff!” Mindartis quiped over the whipping wind and sleet. Just as he finishes a wolf rushes the group from behind jumping off the small ledge slightly north of the road towards them. Wildly gnashing is teeth at the human it lunges forward snapping at the human’s legs. Anticipating an attack the Human sidesteps avoiding the creature all together. A third wolf rushes out from the trees straight for Mindartis lashing out with its maw.

“Ah! Wretched beast! Stay back!” Mindartis yells as the wolf manages to get its jaws on to the eladrin’s leg the wolf quickly snatches to the right causing him to fall. “Ah! Get it off of me!” A fourth wolf rushes through the sleeting rain into the fray. Mindartis looks up in terror as another wolf surges toward him. “Ah! Help!”

“I’ll be with you in a moment.” Kravos retorted while keeping the wolf in front of him at bay with his shield. A particularly thin wolf rushes from the forest towards Greenheart snapping a quick bite at him. He seemed particularly undaunted by the wolves attack as the wolf bears him to the ground. Kravos quickly whips his kopesh at the creature cleaving in to its shoulder and neck. Yelling at the creature, “Begone beast! I SAID BEGONE BEAST!”

The halfling that had been following for sometime decided it was time to make her presence known and deciding to help the other travelers out of self preservation more that altruism. She dashes up to one of the wolves her dual short swords at the ready, lunging forward in two quick strikes. Both swords slice through the back side of the wolf carving a large portion of meat away. Yelping loudly the wolf manages to maintain its hold on the wilden.

“You’re hired!” Mindartis calls out from his precarious position beneath two wolves at the halfling.

Suddenly the wilden’s form melts away into a strange bestial creature which then whips around and swings a clawed paw at the wolf barely grazing the creature. A little startled by the transformation but determined to eat the wolf hangs on to Greenheart with all its might.

Mindartis vanishes in the blink of an eye from the jaws of the wolf only to reappear several yards away. Quickly stowing his winged spear and drawing his great-spear, he mutters the same incantation as before causing the familiar runes to dance across his great-spear. Striking at the wolf the runes glow brightly before seeming to break as it pierces the wolf’s side. The magical after effects permeate the air seeming to surround the others near the eladrin. After a loud yelp the wolf’s breathing become heavy then collapses breathing its last breath. Empowered by his sudden victory Mindartis issues forth another incantation causing acid to erupt forth from the tip of the spearhead and wash over the wolf. An acidic smell issues forth as the acid burns the wolves flesh causing the wolf to yelp and shake vigorously try to get the acid off. The acid burned wolf renews its attack on Mindartis only to be stopped in his tracks by thorn laden vines issuing forth from Greenheart’s staff.

“Good job, my monstrous friend” Cheered Mindartis. A strange moaning and creaking sound emanates from Greenheart in reponse. One of the larger wolves slinks up behind Kravos lashing out at him.

“ARRRGH” roared Kravos in agony as the wolf tore in to his flank and pulling him to the ground.

“Little one!” Mindartis yells out to the halfling. “To the opposite side of that wolf! Strike his exposed backside!” Yet another ravenous wolf appears and darts across the bridge towards the fight.

“Little one! HA just you wait!” Natala quipped back at Mindartis shooting him a stern glare as she darts to her next target.

“More beasts,” Kravos muttered aloud as the most recent wolf growled and snaped at him. “Just what I needed.”

“We’ll talk nicknames later, when we aren’t wolf feces.” Mindartis remarked while keeping another wolf at bay with his great-spear. Kravos groans in pain due to the tremendous amount of bites and scratches he received from the wolves. Pulling free of the wolf and sluggishly standing, Kravos whips his kopesh around to the most recent attack managing to land a blow. The kopesh lands squarely on the creatures back seemingly having little to no effect. Natala springs over the dead wolf in front of her and past the others only to stop behind the wolf harassing Kravos. Bringing her short sword to bear Natala deftly slices in to the wolf dropping it dead. Greenheart backs away defensively and utters strange primal sounds as he throws a orange glowing seed at the wolf in front of him. As the seed lands the ground explodes in to a small fiery blaze. Overwhelmed by fire the wolf curls up as it turns black and charred. The smell of burnt flesh and hair lingers in the air as the mystical fire burns. Mindartis strides forward proudly and chats low making the glyphs reappear on his great-spear and strikes the weakened wolf. The rune covered great-spear pierces its side leaving yet another wolf dead by the adventurers. Sleeting rain continues to pelt the adventurers and the surrounding landscape.

“Not so keen NOW are you?” Mindartis triumphantly yelled at the wolves. “Not up against MY keen weapons!” He then throws a small vial in Kravos’s direction which decintigrates upon impact causing Kravos to glow with light and feel revitalized. One of the remaining wolves begins to pull him back to the woods. Kicking the wolf in the face, Kravos is able to free himself and stand up.

“I’m not done. NOT YET!” he roared swing around to the wolf near him. Primal fury coursing through his muscles and slams in to the wolf’s head leaving a dark red gash. The wolf yelp in response then bars its teeth at Kravos growling louder. Natala leaps at the wolf engaging Mindartis both her short swords pointed toward the beast’s spine. One of the swords dug deep in to the wolfs back causing the wolf to whip around towards Natala. Its hackles raising up as it growled. Suddenly vines wrap around natala’s foe and snatch the creature back toward the vines owner, Greenheart.

“Victory is almost assured! They’re on the ropes!” Cheered Mindartis to the others. “Fight on!” The runes on his great-spear appear once more as he jabs the spear in to the wolf which yelps in pain. The wolf growls aggressively at the strange vines and glowing runes that have been assailing it.

Kavos bellows “Do not falter!” as the wolf attacking him lashes out and catches his arm in its teeth. He raises his fist in the air in defiance. The other wolf snaps out at Mindartis barely catching a small bit of cloth in its mouth.

“Auugh!” He exclaimed. “You won’t get me this day beast!”

(More after a while…)

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