Notable Persons

Citizens of Kiris Dahn

Treona – Mystic of Kiris Dahn.
Kiris Alkirk – Former ruler of Kiris Dahn.
Kiris Hoyt – Former noble of Kiris Dahn and a wererat. (Deceased)

Citizens of Gorizbadd

Hu’jat – Current Leader of the Goblin Forces in Gorizbadd. Also A Member of the Sundered Gate Army.
Drez – Small goblin the group captured. Has a scar over his right eye from where the sundered eye

Other Notable people

Tyristys – Brass Dragon and currently living under the hot springs in Gorizbadd/Kiris Dahn.
Vohx – Leader of the Severed Eye mercenaries.
Dreus – Mysterious backer of the Severed Eyes.
Zetik – Kobold warlord of Bahamut.(Companion Character) (Died in battle against the Severed Eye Orcs.)
Kravos – Former Militia leader and warden of Nenlast. (Died defending his new found allies against the Severed Eye Orcs.)
Orlen – Traveling companion of Sura and Balshazar.

Notable Persons

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