The World

The World, or the First Work as some prefer to call it, is ancient with the earliest recorded history dating nearly 30 decades ago. As many before me I have set out to chronicle and detail as much as one can in these dark times. Ancient civilizations and Kingdoms long fallen dot the lands far and wide, the last of the great kingdoms fell nearly a hundred and fifty years ago now. Ancient Nerath was reportedly a sight to behold now it is little but a memory of days long past. The fall of Nerath left many to their own devices and machinations, not unlike the lands I call home, The Nentir Vale. And that is where my tale begins.

~ Nimozaran, High Septarch of Fallcrest

The World or the First Work as some call it is a very ancient world dating several thousands of years with long lost empires spanning large portions of its landscape. The following is some basic knowledge of the known areas and its inhabitants.

The Nentir Vale
Bael Turath
Points of Interest

The World

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